Building a new home?


Do you know the importance of Earthworks in relation to your build?

When you are building a new property a lot of emphasis is placed upon ‘Pre-start’ and choosing the right door handles, wall tiles, shower heads, bath taps, colors etc, all of which is a hard task as you will have to imagine what the colors and textures will look like together, and if you get them wrong it could ruin the whole look of your new home.

We don’t often think of the earthworks as a significant process in the build, however it is, in-fact the most important part of your build. 

Earthworks for new builds is something Green Genie deals with daily and has done for many years. We have a wealth of experience when preparing sites for the concrete slabs to be laid and getting this wrong can be catastrophic. Your house could literally fall apart if the earthworks are not carried out by a professional. Problems can occur later when laying flooring or adding other features. 

Earthworks can include anything from removing vegetation and shrub and trees, to site remediation of removing rock or adding clean sand to bring the pad up to a required height. 

Before we step onto your Lot, we ensure we have all the information we need before undertaking the Earthworks component. 

Site plans along with geotechnical reports are extensively read and understood to ensure we know everything about the plot of land and all the requirements from the shire before undertaking any earthworks. 

Once the sand pad is completed , Green Genie will always ensure a compaction test is carried out by an external engineer so you can feel safe and confident that the pad is ready for the concrete slab to be poured and foundations to be installed.  

If you would like to discuss the importance of your new build’s earthworks give Bryant a call on 0413 879 342

Originally from Toowoomba- Queenstown Bryant grew up in central Queenstown and was lucky enough to live up and down the eastern seaboard until setting up camp in Perth WA 10 years ago. Coming...

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