The Green Genie Quoting Process

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Here at Green Genie, we have a tried and tested ‘Step process’ for quoting which we have perfected after the many years we have been operating. No matter how large or small the project may be, we always following a ‘Step Process’ to ensure our quoting can be as accurate and cost effective as possible for our clients.

Step 1 – Initial Contact

Whether you are contacting us directly on the phone, or through another social channels, you will always deal directly with company directors Bryant or Clint, or Operations manager Luke, who will talk through your project asking all relevant questions of what you have in mind.

They will take time to listen to all your concerns and go over all the ideas you have so as to fully understand your expectations and your project budget.

Step 2 – Site Visit

Often a site visit is needed for the team to fully gauge what needs to be done. Either Bryant, Clint or Luke will organize a suitable time to meet with you to discuss further the project you have in mind and discuss ways we can achieve the desired outcome that meets with your budget.

If, for some reason, we are unable to visit the site, we have access to an amazing maps software which is updated monthly online, but has also captured the main city of Perth in 3 dimensional pictures so we can really feel like we are walking around the roads of Perth City. It supersedes anything google maps can offer and we can measure trees and shrubs width but also height using this software. We can also travel a timeline backwards to see if there is anything that site surveys may have missed, like pools which have been filled in the past or large trees which have been removed.

Step 3 – Industry Leading Software

To quote your project in the most professional and accurate way Green Genie never use a cookie cutter process. Every Project is unique, and that is why we only use the best software to analyse any plans or surveys we may have received from you so we can be as accurate as possible when calculating exact quantities to the closest number.

We use an earthworks software which can upload plans, and workout existing levels, but it can also calculate proposed levels and workout cut and fill for projects. This software is so sophisticated that we have every confidence we can be as accurate as possible to give you the very best quote.


We use a well-known, sophisticated quoting software that is easy to navigate around, for yourself and for us also.

Once we are happy that we have answered your brief correctly, that all the information we have has been compiled and all materials have been calculated and measured we then compile a quote for you.

This quote will then be sent directly to your email and be ready for you to browse at your leisure. One of the team will then talk you through the quote and answer any questions you may have, reassuring any concerns and making you feel totally confident that your project is being professionally looked after.

You can contact Bryant now on 0413 879 342 to get the ball rolling on your project.

Originally from Toowoomba- Queenstown Bryant grew up in central Queenstown and was lucky enough to live up and down the eastern seaboard until setting up camp in Perth WA 10 years ago. Coming...

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