What is the Difference Between Civil, Commercial & Industrial Works?


As an Earthworks company that has experience in the Civil, Commercial, and Industrial sector, we have noticed some distinct differences between these areas of construction.

Here at Green Genie we often get asked, what is the difference between each sector, and how does our experience lend itself to each area?

Listed below is a simple breakdown of the differences we have noticed over the years.


When we are asked to perform earthworks for a Civil project, we know that this project with either be something to do with Water, Earth, or Transport.

Civil works focuses upon building infrastructure such as Roads, Dams, Bridges, Tunnels and Rail lines, all of which Green Genie has a wealth of experience in dealing with, In fact one of the busier sides of our business is the Asphalt works that we perform.


When we think of a Commercial project, we know that this project refers to any business done with a sole motive of gaining a profit.

The project will almost always be designed to be aesthetically attractive to grab customers attention.

Restaurants, offices, shopping centers and retail stores are a handful of commercial projects, all of which we have had the pleasure to be involved in. It is not uncommon to see a new shopping centers pop up in Perth, especially with the building sector booming right now.


The industrial sector can be described as any business dealing with manufacturing goods.
These projects can often be larger scaled projects on the outskirts of town. They can include but are not restricted to Factories, Manufacturing plants and power plants.

As apposed to the commercial sector, Industrial construction is often built for functionality not for style.

Green Genie has a wealth of experience in Civil, Commercial, and Industrial projects so that you can feel confident you are in experienced and professional hands when you contact us to help with your own project.

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