What makes Green Genie stand out from the crowd?


With todays on-demand lifestyle, Consumers can often become overwhelmed with how much choice there is on the market and can be confused about which Earthworks company is best for them and their project.

We are living in a generation which is worlds away from where our grandparents grew up. Choice was a luxury and referral was how you did business.
‘Word of mouth’ was gold and that was how Green Genie started. A few small earthwork projects completed by a passionate operator was the foundations from which Green Genie stems.

5 Things we can do for you!

Listed below are 5 things Green Genie can offer you.


Honesty is something the whole Green Genie team pride themselves on. With a wealth of experience, you can guarantee that we have seen and completed projects like yours many times before. Everyone has the ability to dream and make those dreams become a reality, however if your dreams are more ‘Daydreams’ we will always recommend a more practical way to achieve your ‘Dream’, with a realistic nature.


Green Genie is Perth born, this means we have a wealth of knowledge about many of the different areas in Perth and the soil bases in these areas. We can assess your project and the inevitable outcome of the project in accordance with the soil we are having to play with. Sometimes rock will have to be excavated, other times sand will have to be compacted, but due to the wealth of knowledges we have around the greater Perth area rest assure we know how to handle your soil


The ‘Love of the Job’ is something that is very apparent when talking to any member of the Green Genie team. We are passionate about the work we do which in turn means we care about your project and the outcome of the project too. You will never be, or treated like a number, but more like an old friend.

Personalised Service

Being customer focused is something we pride ourselves on here at Green Genie. We offer a very personalized service, listening intently to your goals and the outcomes which you would like to have. We will always tailor our work to fit with you and your expectations as no two projects are ever the same. You can rest assured you are in very good hands when choosing Green Genie, as we really will look after you.


Experience is something Green Genie prides itself on. With the team bringing in a combined 100 years ‘on the job’ experience. We constantly strive to better our knowledge by gaining certificates in different techniques, and undergoing different trainings so as to feed our passion, and be the very best that we can be with a wealth of experience and knowledge behind us we can install every confidence in yourself that your project is being looked after in a very professional manner.

If you want to know more about how Green Genie can help with your earthworks project please contact Bryant now on 0413879342

Originally from Toowoomba- Queenstown Bryant grew up in central Queenstown and was lucky enough to live up and down the eastern seaboard until setting up camp in Perth WA 10 years ago. Coming...

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